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2024 Board of Directors

President & Activities Director: Bonnie Dubbs

      VP and Operations Director: Larry Garland

      Publicity & Security Director: Chris Papavero

      Treasurer: Cindy Cameron    (not shown)

2024 Board of Directors


Secretary: Shari Skidmore

Membership Director: Brian Wood

Governance:Kasey Castillo








Pictured (l to r): Chris, Bonnie, Larry, Casey, Shari, Brian

Missing from photo - Cindy Cameron

Canyon Lake Guild

23066-8 Canyon Lake Drive South

Canyon Lake, CA 92587



Facebook Page (click below):

Our Beginnings: The Canyon Lake Fine Arts Guild traces its beginnings to a clear and crisp January evening in 2001, the Woman’s Club sponsored an event to raise money for a baby grand piano, now in the Holiday Bay Room. The audience, dressed in gowns, jewelry, furs and tuxedos, enjoyed classical music performed by the Inland Valley Symphony. Club President Mavis Schaffner was so inspired by the receptive audience she proposed the formalization of what became The Canyon Lake Fine Arts Guild. The past years have featured a wide range of musical offerings; evolving from classical and opera to Broadway, jazz, swing, country and rock. From a spring and fall concert, the Guild now includes five concert events per year.

The Guild has been and continues to be a team effort. Many community members deserve credit for its creation and success. Along with Mavis and Marlo Schaffner, there were Art Zasio, Ken and Dorothy Cable, Dr. Vick Knight, Audrey Barrows, Carol Vaughn and Shirley Beauttas. There have been dozens of others who contributed their time, energy and creative talents to this program. With changing demographics of our community, music styles change and The Guild will continue to evolve accordingly. Therefore, we seek your continued input and support for this program. The Guild intends to continue delivering quality music at an affordable price to help Canyon Lake remain a little bit of paradise.

Past Concert Events: Since 2001

2020: Desperado as Eagles. The remainder of the 2020 season was postponed into 2021 due to the pandemic.

2019: Shawn Gerhard as Garth Brooks, Matt Mauser as Frank Sinatra, Doobie Brothers Experience, Jay White as Neil Diamond.

Summer events at the Amphitheater: Stars on the Water as Jimmy Buffett and Jumping Jack Flash as the Rolling Stones.

2018: Pat Farrell as Billy Joel, Bee Gees Gold, Kenny Cetera's Chicago Experience, Gregory Wolfe as Rod Stewart

2017: Kenny Metcalf as Elton John, Fortunate Son as Creedence Clearwater, Smooth Sounds of Santana, Beach Boys Tribute

Summer event at Holiday Harbor Park: Fleetwood Mac Tribute

2016: The Long Run: Eagles Tribute, Beatles vs. Stones, True Willie: Willie Nelson Tribute, Plaid Tidings Christmas Show

2015: Gary Bonner Singers; Dancing in the Park: DJ Rob Robinson; Linda Gentille; Gary Bonner Singers

2014: Jim Curry: Tribute to John Denver; Dancing in the Park: DJ Rob Robinson; Jay White: Tribute to Neil Diamond

2013: Gary Bonner Singers; Dancing in the Park: Terry Williams Orchestra; Marine Corp Band; Linda Gentile: Great Balls of Fire

2012: Jay White: Tribute to Neil Diamond; Concert in the Park: Kulayad; Greg Schreiner: Hollywood Revisited

2011: Scot Bruce Tribute to Elvis; Concert in the Park: Terry Williams Orchestra; Marine Corp Band; Robert Holts Orchestra

2010: Big Band Sounds: Kevin Mayse Orchestra; Concert In The Park: Rob Rio; Doo Wha Riders; Marine Corp Band

2009: Inland Valley Symphony; Concert in the Park: Kulayad; Jay White: Tribute To Neil Diamond

2008: The Celtic Tenors; Rob Rio Boogie and the Blues

2007: Glen Yarbrough; Concert in the Park: Kulayad; Bob Anderson (Tributes)

2006: Inland Valley Symphony; Gary Bonner Singers; Kevin Mayse & Dina Bennett

2005: Gilbert Guathier Tribute to Sinatra; Concert in the Park: Judy Taylor; Nielson & Young Piano Duo

2004: Inland Valley Symphony, Redlands Symphony Pops Concert

2003: Gary Bonner Singers; Big Band Sounds: Kevin Mayse, Cassie Miller; Gary Bonner Singers

2002: Classical Piano, Guitar & Voice; Richard Schaffner, Janelle Rollinson

2001: Inland Valley Symphony, Inland Valley Symphony

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